Local couple climbs highest peaks across country, raises money for Habitat for Humanity

Jimmy Michaels and Rene Woodhead are preparing to hike seven states next month.

"Primarily cardio, cardio, cardio, and some strength," said Michaels.

It's the last of their 50 state tour. The Jupiter couple is traveling the country, hiking to the highest peak in each state.

"We were just on Mt. Hood and Mt. Renere recently, as scary as repelling down cliffs at some points," said Michaels.

"Its amazing, you don't have time to be scared theres so much to take in," said Woodhead.

The hills, the hurdles, the heights....every new state provides a unique outlook.

"Part of the fun, is navigating through farmlands, to some mid hiking in the northeast to boulder hoping, and now snow and glacier climbing," said Michaels.

Through their travels they've been raising money for Palm Beach County's Habitat for Humanity.

"The difficulties they're facing by climbing these tallest peaks is very similar to the challenges that our families have faced in trying to achieve the American dream of home ownership," said Bernard Godek.

Thousands of dollars and counting...their journey will help build someone a home.

And with only seven states to conquer this summer, Jimmy and Rene are ready for the final hurdle.

"I can only imagine walking up Alaska, I think I will just break down with just emotion," said Michaels.

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Highpointers Organization: http://highpointers.org
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