Lifeguards save 4-year-old from drowning at DuBois Park

Jupiter - Lifeguards at DuBois Park in Jupiter are being credited for saving a girl's life.

"She was laying out on her stomach. I didn't think she was going to make it. My heart was going. I felt so bad," said witness Brittany Marino.

For the hundreds of people trying to enjoy this sunny Sunday at the beach,things suddenly went very wrong.   A four year old girl nearly drowned, face down in the water at Jupiter's Dubois Park. Someone noticed and yelled to the lifeguards, who then jumped in and pulled the girl's lifeless body to shore.

AmandaScewczyk witnessed what was happening. "There was foam, white stuff all over her mouth. It was really scary and her family was freaking out and I almost started crying because it was really sad."

For minutes lifeguards gave the girl CPR. Captain Julia Leo with Ocean Rescue said, "It's a traumatic event for them and especially doing CPR on a child." Finally, the girl came to. She coughed up some water, and was able to take a breath. Brittany said, "She started crying. She came back. Thank God." It's still unclear what exactly the parents of the girl were doing when this all happened.

They were nearby during the rescue and were seen on the sand here on their knees praying their daughter would be ok. The little girl is at Jupiter Medical Center and is expected to recover.