Laurence Daly: Friends say he's not a violent person

 JUPITER, Fla.-- Friends of a man killed by his wife are speaking in his defense.

Port St. Lucie Police say ex- military captain, Valerie Lowe, shot and killed her husband, Laurence Daly, after she claimed he was being abusive.

Those who knew him, however, say they can't imagine him having a violent side.

Genevieve and Bert lived next to Daly for more than ten years in Jupiter, before he moved to Port St. Lucie last year after marrying Lowe.

They say in the time the two were married, Daly never spoke badly about Lowe or expressed that there were any problems in their relationship.

They say Daly was a great neighbor. "He'd act like a gentleman. He never raised his voice, always mild mannered," said Bert.

Genevieve and Bert say say Daly was always kind, and very religious. They say he was an ordained minister.

His daughter said he also served in the Navy.

"Very gentle man. He even spoke very low," Genevieve said.

Lowe was Daly's third wife.  "He would walk her to the car, always open to door and give her a little kiss," Genevieve said.

Thursday, they learned Daly was killed by Lowe. "Oh, we screamed. Can't believe it," said Genevieve.

Lowe called 911 saying she shot Daly in the chest, explaining to dispatchers, "My husband was coming after me and he refused to leave me alone. He was being very aggressive and assaulted me and he pulled his fist back while I was laying in bed like he was going to punch me in my face again," Lowe said.

Lowe has not been charged with any crimes.

Friends have a hard time understanding how such a call could have been made to 911. "It's, how drastic could it have been? He's not that type of a man," Genevieve said.

Now Bert and Genevieve want to learn if there was simply a side of him that they didn't see.

Port St. Lucie Police were called to Lowe's and Daly's home in September of 2013 for one other domestic complaint. A report shows that Lowe was upset she didn't know about Daly's previous wives.

Investigators are still working to determine if Lowe will face any charges and hope to have an answer sometime next week.

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