Juvenile bald eagle released in Jupiter Farms by Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

JUPITER FARMS, Fla. - Where eagles soar! tonight one is perhaps nesting, or winging its way over the Jupiter Farms area after a rescue and recovery effort gives the magnificent bird a new chance to take flight.

"3...2....1...."  and just like that, a juvenile bald eagle returns to the wild. A solid Waste Authority employee found the eagle last week.

David Hitzig of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary   said, "They had rescued it and brought it to the sanctuary. The bird was unconscious when it got here, we were able to treat the bird, get the bird standing again by the end of the day. Bird's made a great recovery."

Bald eagles are known for their white heads and tails. This one is a juvenile, so it hasn't developed that trademark look yet.

"It surprises most people to find out that Florida has one of the largest populations of bald eagles in north America," said Hitzig.

The reason the eagles like to call Florida home is plentiful habitat. They have tall trees for nesting, and plenty of wetlands areas for feeding.

The sanctuary cares for a number of the eagles every year.

"We've had eagles that have been tangled up in fishing line, we have eagles that have been illegally shot, we've had eagles that have suffered with car collisions and things like that. Our goal is to fix what's wrong with them, and see them return out back to the wild," said Hitzig.
Busch Wildlife gets help from people like the kids over at St. Claire school.

The student council donated 500 dollars to the sanctuary Friday.

Julia Volpi is an 8th grader at the North Palm Beach School. "It was really nice to see up close the eagles and to know that our money was going to go to help a great cause like that, cause you just get to see them and they're such beautiful creatures," she said.

Bald eagles are no longer endangered, but they're still  protected under a federal law.  

Allowing this majestic bird a better chance to survive.

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