Hannah Rosenberg: Jupiter woman surviving 'escalating' violence in Middle East

Rosenberg, 23, is in Israel

JUPITER, Fla. - A former Jupiter woman says the escalating violence she sees unfolding around her in the Middle East has been hidden from the news headlines.

Hannah Rosenberg, 23, has voluntarily put herself in the middle of a battle zone fighting for the Israeli Defense Force.

"We have the joke as an Israeli, 'is it thunder or is it missiles?'," said Rosenberg via Skype from Israel.

Rosenberg says there has been an escalation of missile attacks that the region in the last week.

"The world is clueless on what is going on here," she said. "People are getting bored and they want to hear something new."    

Even her family in south Florida is often in the dark about how serious the situation may be.

"People don't know what's going on unless you live there or you have a daughter who's over there - or a son," said David Rosenberg, Hannah's father. Mr. Rosenberg watches and reads the news every day, but is not seeing in the coverage what his daughter says she is living through.

Air strikes between Palestinian militants and the Israeli military are reportedly the heaviest in at least two years. With the world focused on the missing Malaysian Airlines jet, and crisis in Ukraine, Rosenberg said sometimes even important stories can go untold.

"I Skype and talk to her almost daily, so that helps a lot," he said.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, sat down with President Obama Monday to talk about the state of the Middle East peace process. The U.S is pushing a framework for additional talks.

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