Jupiter woman arrested for stealing copper wire from North Palm Beach construction site

JUPITER, Fla. - A 26-year-old Jupiter woman was arrested Tuesday after surveillance photographs showed her at a North Palm Beach scrap yard with copper wire stolen from a construction site.

According to police, Shelby Humphries faces charges of burglary to a construction site and possession of stolen property.

On Sept. 2, North Palm Beach Police officers were investigating a case regarding stolen copper wire from a construction site at 800 Lakeside Drive, and were notified by a scrap yard that Humphries was seen signing for and selling as scrap "large amounts of copper wire."

A probable cause affidavit says that Humphries was found in that same area driving a black Nissan with another person referred to as "Olson" in the passenger seat.

Olson had a felony warrant for his arrest and the two were taken to police headquarters.

At the headquarters, an officer asked Humphries if she would be interviewed regarding a burglary at the site on Lakeside Drive.

She then admitted to driving to the site with several other people, including Olson, on the morning of August 22 and stole copper wire which she sold to a scrap yard, the affidavit says.

The other people Humphries said were involved are not clearly identified in the affidavit.

Humphries said after stealing the wire, she put it in her trunk where it stayed for a day, and then they took it to the scrap yard.

The owner of the copper wire, Vincent Mangio, said the wire is worth about $6,000, the affidavit says.

Humphries also said that she returned to the site two days later and stole more copper wire.

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