Jupiter town council to vote on removal of flavored tobacco

Resolution urges removal of flavored tobacco

JUPITER, Fla. - The Town of Jupiter wants to ask retailers to pull flavored tobacco off their shelves.

In a special meeting on Thursday, the town council could vote to approve the resolution.

The resolution states having flavored tobacco in stores that youth can access could lead to youth tobacco use.

According to statistics shown within the resolution, nearly 90 percent of tobacco users started before they were 18 years old.

Examples of flavored tobacco this resolution is trying to curb includes Grape, Wine, Cream or Cotton Candy flavored cigars, chewing tobacco and rolling papers.

Palm Beach County Health Department Tobacco Prevention Specialist Janiece Davis, who helped write the resolution said, "I don't know too many adults who would want to smoke a cotton candy cigarette but to the youth it sounds different to them and sounds like flavored and candy."

The resolution would only urge retailers to pull the flavored tobacco off their shelves.

It would not enforce the removal of flavored tobacco from stores.

Mobil Jupiter West manager Camille Giordano isn't sure the resolution is a good idea.

Giordano said flavored tobacco makes up a big part of her store's tobacco sales on West Indiantown Road.

"Our sales would definitely go down if we weren't selling them," said Giordono.

Giordano said enough work is already done not to sell any tobacco products to minors and a resolution might not be needed.

"We do not sell to minors. They have stings all the time. All my cashiers and myself when anyone comes in, if they don't look older than me, we ID them," said Giordano.

Davis said a similar flavored tobacco resolution was passed in Belle Glade last month.

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