Jupiter restaurant owner warns of phone scam

Scammers allegedly targeting restaurants

JUPITER, Fla. - A Jupiter restaurant owner says he is being targeted by a unique scam that others should be on the look-out for.

Jeff Moore owns Tabica Grill in Jupiter and when he got an order for 150 chicken sandwiches over the phone, he said he was very excited.

"I was like wow that's a big order! That's great," says Moore.

The caller also promised a giant tip for the order.

But the more he talked to the person on the other end via a hearing impaired operator, the more he started listening to his gut feeling that something wasn't right.

Moore says the caller has been very persistent for over a week, and has even sent him e-mails. He says alerting the media and alerting the public is just a taste of what he plans to do to get to the bottom of these conversations.

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