Jupiter flooding: Storms flood parts of Palm Beach County, Jupiter hit hard

JUPITER, Fla. -- Residents who live in Jupiter had to deal with the aftermath of the storms Wednesday morning.  Eight to ten inches of rain fell Tuesday night throughout the city. 

Last night, Lynda Harivel, who lives in Jupiter Lakes Villas said she heard the rain pounding outside her window.

"I've never heard it rain so hard for this long. Usually you get a cloud burst and then it stops, but this was just intense and it kept going," said Harivel.

More than three to four inches was left standing in the main roadway of the complex.  Harivel waddled through the waves, only to find the drainage system wasn't working.  She said it usually works, but there may be some leaves in the system which haven't cleared out.  Harivel said she hadn't seen flooding this bad since 1995 when a hurricane spun through the neighborhood.

As people tried to make their way out to work, some had to walk to get their cars from the entrance after ditching them during the storms.  Harold Brier said he had to use his pickup truck to tow his family into the complex.

"We abandoned the vehicle here and I rode them in on the tailgate of the truck cause obviously it's higher. So, I was just checking to make sure we didn't have any water damage inside the van," said Brier.

Most of the water overflows from the lake into the complex, flooding the streets.  Neighbors are hoping the drains will unclog, before the next rainfall clears them out of their homes.

Jupiter police plan to access flooding and water damage throughout the day.