Jupiter drone pilot wants stricter regulations to weed out inexperienced flyers

JUPITER, Fla. - Drones are making headlines after one crashed into a St. Louis office building and another came dangerously close to a commercial flight near Tallahassee.

A drone pilot in Jupiter is also getting a lot of attention for the high flying stunts he pulls over A1A.

"It is my passion! I feel like I am Iceman in Top Gun," Michael Dorr said.

Dorr flies his drown 45 mph down A1A while he chases it in a car.

He is a software developer by day and a drone pilot in his spare time.

He started a drone photography business named Florida Motion Media.

He is the first one to admit drones are dangerous when in the wrong hands.

"There is very little difference between this and a firearm to me. If this is coming at you at 50 mph out of control then you are in trouble," Dorr said.

Dorr has spent 20,000 dollars on his drones and thinks there should be more regulation over them -- particularly that the FAA should require drone pilots to have a license.

"I have a one million dollar liability policy for what I do. Most people out there don't have that," Dorr said.

According to the FAA, drones are not allowed to fly above four hundred feet or near an airport.

Dorr says they have a bad reputation because of inexperienced pilots who buy cheaper versions at hobby shops.

"I think hobby shops have a responsibility not to sell them to a paper boy just because he has the money...put him a simulator and make him prove he can fly it like a plane," Dorr said.

Jupiter Police say they have not received any formal complaints about drones.

The FAA is working on new policies when it comes to the unmanned flying machines.


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