Jupiter Christian may add extra security to school after Connecticut tragedy

Jupiter Christian eyes security changes

JUPITER, Fla. - Once classes begin at Jupiter Christian, the front gate is locked and there is only one point of entry into the school.

"You have to have a push button (clicker) or know the access code to get into the door," President of the school Jim Colman said. "You can't get out of the main office into the main school."

Gates and walls surround the school.

Security cameras are found throughout and on the outside of the school.

If you're a visitor you have to sign in at the main office.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, the school is looking at increasing security.

"We don't want to turn our school into a prison but we're interested in knowing that our students are very safe," Colman said.

Colman met with his faculty this morning to talk about whether or not to do more.

"Things like enhancing our camera system," Colman said was suggested. "We want to install a panic button similar to what banks have if they're experiencing a robbery."

With increased measures though comes increased costs.

"Some of these things that we may have thought that could wait a little bit have now they rise to the top because of this terrible tragedy that has happened," he added.

Colman says it's a price worth paying now.

Other private schools in the Palm Beach County area also said they'd be reassessing their security system over the break.

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