Judge denies bond for Donna Horwitz who is accused of killing ex-husband Lanny Horwitz in Jupiter

JUPITER — A judge this morning denied bond to a Jupiter woman accused of shooting her ex-husband to death on Sept. 30 in his home in Admiral's Cove, a neighborhood of million-dollar homes north of Frederick Small Road.

Defense attorney Grey Tesh's sought to argue that his client, 65-year-old Donna Horwitz, is not a flight risk. She has no prior arrests, he argued, and is a longtime Palm Beach County resident whose mother turns 92 on Saturday.

Horwitz stood silent as Circuit Judge Ted S. Booras s denied Tesh's request to set bond at $100,000 bond. She is being held on first-degree murder charges at the Palm Beach County Jail.

The body of her 66-year-old ex-husband, Jupiter attorney and entrepreneur Lanny Horwitz, was found naked and riddled with bullets on the bathroom floor after an early-morning confrontation with his ex-wife turned deadly last week, police said Thursday.

The Horwitzes were twice divorced but maintained an on-again, off-again relationship despite a history of marital problems, police said.

They were living together on the day of the murder, but police found indications their relationship had "deteriorated extensively" and that he had told her to move out of the house when he returned from a business trip he was to begin that day.

He may have been going on the trip with a woman with whom he was having an affair, according to the arrest report.

"He was so awful," Donna Horwitz - still clad in the pink tank top and black lounging pants with pink dots she wore at the time of the shooting - told their son, Radley, 37, when he confronted her after hearing gunshots, the police report said.

Donna Horwitz was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail Thursday afternoon and booked into custody.

This morning, after her first appearance hearing, her attorney Tesh said, "At this point, these are just allegations. She's presumed innocent."

He declined further comment.

On his Facebook page, Lanny Horwitz wrote that he graduated with honors from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law, and was a member of the bar in Florida, Michigan, New York and the District of Columbia. He had been involved in developing and managing real estate for more than 38 years and was the international distributor for a line of health products called LifeMax, also according to his Facebook page.

Radley Horwitz said his father had recently been involved in completing a business deal overseas.

Police initially thought Lanny Horwitz's death was a suicide when they were called to the Mariner Drive house shortly after 7 a.m. on Sept. 30.

They found him in its master bathroom with multiple gunshot wounds to his torso and arms and one shot fired directly into his mouth, according to the arrest report. There also were indications that shots had been fired while he lay on the floor.

Two handguns were found at the residence, both with all of their five bullets fired. It was unclear who owned the guns.

Police tried to interview Donna Horwitz at the scene, but she requested a lawyer.

Court records show the Horwitzes had married in 1967 in Buffalo, N.Y. Donna Horwitz began divorce proceedings in August 1971, but those proceedings were discontinued. The Horwitzes had been Palm Beach County residents since December 1978.

They divorced in May 2001, but remarried in September of that same year. Donna Horwitz got her own residence in December 2001 and the couple divorced again in June 2002, according to court records.

The couple's son, Radley Horwitz, told investigators that his mother was staying at the residence, with her own 91-year-old mother asleep in a guest house on the property at the time of the incident.

Donna Horwitz may have been preparing to move out again, police said, as she had recently renewed a lease on a home on Sweet Bay Circle in Jupiter's Abacoa section, the report said.

The police report did not speculate on a cause for the incident. Radley Horwitz, however, told police that his father's business trip may have been with a female business associate, and that his father and the woman may have had a romantic relationship.

Radley Horwitz told police he was awakened on the morning of the shooting by the sound of two gunshots and his mother screaming and calling his name. He said he saw his father lying on the floor and asked his mother if she had been attacked. He also said he saw some blood on her foot when they sat in his SUV after po