Independence Middle School Debuts its new Courtroom for the Pre-Law Academy

Alicia Kaufmann already has her eyes set on the bench.
"To be a judge you have to be a lawyer so I'll be a lawyer first," said Kaufmann.
She's one of the dozens of students in the pre-law academy at Independence Middle School in Jupiter.
"I think its a good opportunity that we are  in middle school and we can walk around in the courtroom," said Kaufmann.
The Palm Beach County Bar Association's North County Section donated all of the furniture and equipment.
"I want to emulate a real courtroom on a little bit of a smaller scale, but my 6, 7, 8 graders can come in, put on a mock trial, and feel like they're really in a courtroom," said Heather Lukasik.
The jury box, The stand, The gavel. All of the essentials needed to transform this classroom into a courtroom.
"There wasn't all this in the 7th grade when I first came here but now that it has the jury box and it looks like court, its really amazing," said Taylor Hernandez.
Some even admitted, they're relieved they won't have to face these aspiring lawyers.
"I've been practicing for 22 years, so by the time they get there, I'll be enjoying my retirement, so I don't have to take on any of these students," said Todd Stewart.
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