Guanabana's makes adjustments to heat up businesses during cold front

JUPITER, Fla. - As temperatures drop throughout Saturday night, business owners who rely on Florida's typically warm climate to attract customers are making adjustments to keep business from taking a hit.

At Guanabana's restaurant in Jupiter, business remained steady regardless of colder temperatures. The restaurant only has outdoor seating. "It will get a little slower when it gets really cold. Under 50," Restaurant Manager, Matt Cahur, said.

Cahur knows business can be affected with every single digit drop. "Some people just stay in when they don't want to be cold. They talk about it all summer, 'oh man it's so hot I can't wait until it cools down,' and then when it cools down they don't come out."

Employees have learned it doesn't take major adjustments to keep patrons coming and comfortable.  Saturday, employees lit tiiki torches, heat lamps and made a fire pit.

10-year-old Benjamin had dinner with his family Saturday night. "We were next to the fire. We got up and walked to the fire so we stayed warm," Benjamin said.

Others chose to eat outside to enjoy the rare dips in temperature in South Florida. "I hate the heat of Florida in the summer time so this is perfect for me," Pat Watters said. Watters came prepared for a chilly night wearing a coat and scarf.

Kyria Andruss bundled up, but it didn't help. "I'm freezing…. Just a thick jacket. The drinks warm you up a bit," Andruss said.

Employees say rainy weather is typically more of a threat to business than cold fronts. They say rain is something they battle with year round. Cold weather, fortunately, tends to not stick around for too long. That's something they're hoping will also be the case with the most recent chilly conditions.

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