Beach Road bridge to close temporarily, emergency responders preparing for bridge closure

JUPITER, Fla. - The only bridge in Palm Beach County into Jupiter Island is shutting down and now first responders are figuring out how to deal with emergencies.

Right now construction work is being done on the Beach Road bridge.

When Stuart Jones and his mother, Nancy leave Jupiter Island, Beach Road is really the only way to go.

With it closing within the next 60 days, Jones worries what they'd have to do in an emergency.

"To get to a hospital it would take a full hour I think," he said. "Half an hour north and a half hour back to the hospital that would be too long. It would be really serious."

The county will close the bridge overnight for more than a week.

The repair work is a part of a $1.3 million project to fix the drawbridge.

When it closes, the closest exit off the island is about 30 minutes north into Hobe Sound.

"That's a big long trip," Twyla Riddle said. "We're an older community so we need some support."

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue is preparing for this closure now.

They're moving it's crew from station 17 off the Beeline Highway and Jog Road into a trailer at Coral Cove Park on the island.

In critical situations, they've arranged to fly trauma hawk to the island.

"Worst comes to worst they can land right here on the road," Jones said. "Chopper can put down no problem and they could load someone up."

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue also says they'll bring in Martin County Fire Rescue if they need to.

Safety measures that ease Jones' nerves if something were to happen to his mother.

"I think that there are probably more than prepared," Jones added. "I don't think anything in the world could go wrong. They've put a lot in for the folks."

Palm Beach County Roads and Bridges said they're not sure exactly when the bridge will close, but say they will give a week notice to everyone including fire rescue when that happens.

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