Day after burglary arrests, same Jupiter Farms neighborhood targeted again

PBSO had just announced several arrests

JUPITER FARMS, Fla. - There is a frightening costly situation plaguing parts of northern Palm Beach County, as residents in Jupiter Farms say their homes are being targeted by burglars. 

A day after multiple arrests were announced, one neighborhood looks to have been hit again. Residents say the incidents are happening in the middle of the day.

Pat Minne has lived in Jupiter Farms for 36 years. She moved to the area from Michigan to have more space and to feel safe. 

"This was all pried open with a crowbar," she said as she pointed to her front door.  Minne says that she and too many of her neighbors, in recent months, have become targets of burglars. "You work so hard all of your life and in an hour's time they take your most precious things," she said.  Minne was taking a quick trip to the grocery store when someone entered her home. "All my jewelry, my jewelry boxes, some collectibles I had, some old clocks, cameras, notepads... those things that you can't replace."

On Wednesday, Minne's neighbors were breathing a sigh of relief.  The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office announced the arrest of several known gang members that authorities believe had been burglarizing homes in Jupiter Farms, Loxahatchee and Palm Beach Country Estates. The relief, though, was short lived.  For more of Minne's neighbors say they were targeted on Thursday during daylight hours.

"I come to find out that that's the same day that four houses get robbed in our neighborhood that we know about; and there could be more," said one victim who wished to remain anonymous.

Other residents were not shy about the precautions now being taken to protect their properties.

"Anybody that comes in that house, if we're there, they are going to get it," said Roger Wright, who is planning to have several of his family members trained to use a concealed weapon. 

PBSO reported that a Palm Beach Country Estates man shot an intruder in the head in July.  Investigators say that the suspect could be connected to those who were arrested this week.

"I just hope that when they grow up that they'll think back about what they did to people," said Minne.

As of Friday evening, PBSO was not able to provide much information about the burglaries that residents said occurred on Thursday.  Those neighbors are calling for increased patrols in the area until they see a definitive decline in crime.


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