Dad working overseas in Iraq surprises daughter at school assembly

It's been six months since the girl saw her dad

JUPITER, Fla - She hasn't seen her dad in six months, but on Monday a second grader at Lighthouse Elementary got a surprise visit from her father who's been working overseas in Iraq.

Stephen Schmidt has spent the past two years in Iraq working for a private contractor who provides security for soldiers in the area.

Schmidt's daughter, Elizabeth, knew her dad was coming home soon, but it was a shock for the second grader when he showed up Monday.

The entire Lighthouse Elementary second grade class was gathered in the media center as Schmidt surprised his daughter who was in attendance as one of recipients of the "Character Counts" awards.

The only communication between father and daughter has been talking on the phone or using Skype if the internet signal was strong enough.

The two now have a lot more time together because Schmidt is home for good. The move frees up vital time for both father and daughter who hope to use it creating more memories.

After Elizabeth Schmidt received her "Character Counts" award, she got out of school early and spent the day eating lunch and hanging out with her dad.

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