Brock Smith: Florida thieves steal fort from 8-year-old Jupiter brain cancer patient as family moves

The fort was the coping mechanism for the boy

JUPITER, Fla. -- - UPDATE: PBSO has confirmed that as of 6:55 Saturday morning, they have located the structure on Indiantown Road west of Jupiter Farms.


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A fort that was built for an 8-year-old brain cancer patient has been stolen from the little boy from his family home in Suburban Jupiter.

The fort is considered to be the coping and healing mechanism Brock Smith, 8, uses to recover from his cancer treatments.

His father, Steve Smith, said someone ripped it from their home as they were in the midst of moving.
"I think emotionally it helped, just because it was his fort," said Steve Smith.

His son Brock was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was 5-years-old. Since Brock was not allowed to be around other kids to play during his treatments, his father built him a fort to play in.

"Someone stole it," said Brock Smith.

The Brock family was in the middle of moving after falling victim to the recent alleged rental fraud scheme involving Robert Tribble and Mary Revoller-Chavz.

After picking up a load to move, when Steve Smith came back to pick up, the fort it was gone.

"For someone to have stolen it and then take it home to their own children and let them play in it, is very concerning," said Steve Smith.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is involved now and friends of the family are getting the word out to others to be looking for the fort.

"Please give it back," said Brock Smith.

Steve Smith is not concerned about getting justice. His priority is just to watch his son be a normal kid, playing in his fort.

"You can drop it off, shake my hand, I don't care. Just bring it back because if not, we're going to find it," said Steve Smith.

Anyone with information surrounding the stolen fort should call the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

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