Boaters share story of rescue after boat capsizes and strands the two out at sea for sixteen hours

JUPITER, Fla. - Two boaters share a story of survival after their boat capsizes, leaving them stranded in the water for 16 hours.

Justyn Bradley and Cory Bowman are all smiles now, but just 24 hours ago, the two men were literally clinging for life after their boat turned over off the coast of Ft. Pierce Sunday.

It was supposed to be a normal day of fishing until the waves came rolling in.

Justyn said, "We had a 12 foot rogue wave come vertical, shear wave, rolled the boat over within seconds then we were in the water trying to figure out what we were going to do."

Justyn recalls Cory diving to get the life jackets, while he retrieved the cooler which had food and water.

"Put the life jackets on and figured as well as the boat doesn't sink, they will find us. It was if, it was going to be when," said Justyn.

Cory said the two kept as calm as possible, as they drifted in the Atlantic, sun up to sun down.

"We fed off of each other. We never panicked, never got down. I mean we were only one night in the water.” said Cory.” I'm not going to tell you the second the third or the fourth would have been different," he said.

But when day light did come, Cory did all he could to get the attention of other boaters.

He said, "Frustrating when you have a whistle and you're blowing it with all your might, sitting up on the bottom of the boat, waving as hard as you can, you can see them but they obviously can't see you."

Both men said if it wasn't for their friend Tom, they’re not sure if the Coast Guard would have found them.

Tom was the one who alerted the rescue team and gave the coordinates on where the two normally fish.

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