Bats keep mosquitoes out of Jupiter Farms yard; neighbors love the idea

Jupiter Farms can be a breeding ground for mosquitos with lots of standing water.

But Barbara Glaff doesn't have a mosquito problem in her yard.

"The bats keep the mosquitoes away," Glaff said.

Glaff installed a bat house on her property almost fifteen years ago. Since then, over 100 bats have colonized there and killed almost all of the mosquitoes in her yard.

"I love them because these bats are insect eaters," Glaff said.

According to experts, each bat eats up to 600 mosquitoes an hour. That's 60,000 mosquitoes the colony can eat each hour in Glaff's yard.

Glaff's bats are killing almost half a million mosquitoes every single night.

"These bats have helped me and the neighborhood. My neighbors love it," Glaff said.

David Hitzig at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary sells the bat boxes that people can install in their yards.

"It allows the bats to work for you virtually for free," Hitzig said.

Hitzig says his crew can't make the boxes fast enough and they are flying off the shelves at the sanctuary's gift shop.

"Just because you put the box there doesn't mean the bats will find it. Sometimes it might take a few months, or a few years, but if you don't put one up you will never know," Hitzig said.

For Glaff, the bats came soon after she installed her bat box.

Now they are multiplying and her neighbors installed bat boxes in their yards, too.

"There is no such thing as too many. They will crowd in and they will go out as long as there is a food source. They do their job and make this place better for us to live with less mosquitos," Glaff said.

Glaff says the main drawback to having a bat box is the bats do defecate and can cause a small mess under their bat box.

She says the bats have never been dangerous.

Hitzig says bats are not dangerous and are usually scared of humans.

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