Tiger shark spotted off Juno Beach (VIDEO)

Juno Beach, Fla. - Just north of the Juno pier, about 2.5 miles offshore, Cameron Nimmo and Mickey Smith were diving in about 80 feet of water with Emerald Charters .  They were looking for sharks. They are shark enthusiasts!  

" Shark diving is my love and passion." Nimmo said.

While diving they normally run into a lot of lemon sharks, hammerheads, and bull sharks. And have the video to prove it too! Check out their YouTube channel: SharkAddicts )

But this weekend, Nimmo saw something he had never seen before in our waters, a tiger shark. 

" They are fairly rare around here, but encounters happen [they are] rarely filmed that close," said Nimmo.

Nimmo and Smith weren't scared though, they actually go out and hand feed the sharks farther offshore every weekend!

" I get surrounded by 7 bulls sharks and 15 to 20 lemons at a time, I don't have a fear in my bones towards sharks."

He was very excited to add a tiger shark to the list of underworld creatures he has run into.

"The tiger was my first encounter and it was a she, and she gave me a couple passes by. I loved every second!  just before I was filming a greater hammerhead on the surface during our interval."

Check out the rest of their underwater encounters from this weekend:

Video for mobile users: http://bit.ly/19WWU8a

Follow them on instagram: @sharkaddicts and @sharkaddicts2

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