Palm Beach County prepares to ask state for millions for beach re-nourishment

PALM BEACH COUNTY - So many Palm Beach County beaches are critically eroded and in need of re-nourishment  the county is asking the state to pitch in to pick up the costs of some of the work ahead.

Palm Beach County commissioners will meet next week to put together a request for funding from the state.

It's the first of many steps to complete the project.

Beaches that are up for re-nourishment span from Jupiter and Tequesta, down to Boca Raton.

Work will begin in a few months to restore the beaches. The county will spend millions of dollars to bring in sand and fix up the shoreline.

This is a large undertaking that is only done every seven to ten years on this scale.

After the re-nourishment is complete, the county will have to pay for annual upkeep.

That's why it's asking for the state to chip in as much as $2.8 million.

"Most of our beaches are as eroded as they can possibly be right now. That is all going to change come January, February. All of our beaches are going to be built out to the maximum template, which is what we want to see. If a storm like Sandy hits, we will deal with it." said Leanne Welch, with Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management.

It will be some time before the county knows just how much of the $2.8 million is coming to Palm Beach County.

The legislature has to make that decision, which may not happen until April.

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