Palm Beach County beachgoers concerned about change in water color

Experts say bacteria from floods is not a problem

JUNO BEACH, Fla. - There is new evidence of Tropical Storm Isaac's impact in Palm Beach County.

Beach visitors are concerned about water quality at area beaches.  The water has changed color; it's now a yellowish brown in many locales. Experts say it is largely a result of the storm last week.

The Palm Beach County Health Department says, at this point, beachgoers do not have to be concerned about contamination in the ocean waters.

Despite a change in color, testing last Monday during the height of the storm yielded 'good' or 'moderate' results. "It's not the cleanest, but the good news is water is a great dilutant," said Tim O'Conner, spokesperson for the health department.

"It's diluting the chemicals and everything else that is in it as it flows out," he said.

O'Connor says the change in color is likely from the storm itself, not so much from run-off from canals in the western communities.

The storm, he says, churned up the waters, sea weed and ocean floor resulting in the change in color. The color should change back to normal within the coming days. "The ocean really can dilute it more," said O'Connor.

Water quality testing is conducted every other week.

The next scheduled testings along the Palm Beach County coastline are set for next Monday. Experts are hoping there is no significant change with the next results.

Beachgoers, meanwhile, are still getting into the water despite early concerns about the appearance

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