Garbage cans on Jupiter and Juno Beaches disappeared, then returned

JUPITER BEACH, Fla. - Northern Palm Beach County beaches are beautiful and well maintained.  Those beaches draw in tourism and are a place families and friends can enjoy

Bill Black loves the beach, "the beach means a lot to me. I come to the beach every day, and I bring my dog here every day."

Hurricane Sandy's surge swept away most of the garbage cans that lined Jupiter and Juno  beaches. When the county didn't replace them, residents and beach visitors grew concerned.

Bill Black started photographing the litter piling up where those cans once were.

"I'm worried that if you don't make cans readily available for people, that the dog waste will not end up where it needs to go, and we might lose that right."

And lose the beauty  & the cleanliness.

Budget cuts and issues with contractors forced Palm Beach County's Parks and Recreation department to take another look at the mounting problem

 Eric Call, Director for the Parks and Recreation Department said, "The decision was made to go ahead and reduce the number of trash receptacles on the beach, placing more on the top of the dune, where they would be safe and could be used… hopefully encourage people to take their trash with them off the beach."

Lugging the trash all the way up the stairs didn't sit well with many people. So the county got with The towns of Jupiter and Juno and the volunteer organization Friends of Jupiter Beach, and they coordinated to put some of the cans back on the sand.

Call says,  "We've selected certain dune crossovers to place them back on the beach and we've done that. and continue to add and work with them as time as gone on and we think we've figured out a good number we can have on the beach and at the same time reduce the overall number that was once there."

With about 30 new trash cans added on the sand, the county feels there are enough cans within reach for every beach access.  It's up to the people to make sure they keep the beaches clean, and bring trash to the proper place.

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