Goat rustlers are roaming Jupiter Farms

JUPITER FARMS, Fla. - Rafael Ibarra had become very attached to his pet goat Weebles.

Ibarra nursed Weebles back to health after the kid was abandoned by her mother and born prematurely.

"So we had to take her in and wrap her in a towel, and rub sugar on her gums. Her back leg wasn't fully developed, so she couldn't walk. That's why her name is Weebles...cause she wobbled."

Weebles was one of three goats taken in recent weeks from the Teasley family, his friends who live in Jupiter Farms.

"I just really want my Weebles back...that's my first actual pet," he said.

The very trait that endeared her to Ibarra and the Teasleys may very well have been her undoing; friendly to a fault and slow to run away made her a tempting target.

"If you have food, they'll come right up to you and eat," said Stephanie Teasley.

Not only was Weebles taken, but so were Sugar and Gracey.

"The first time I'd ever seen Sugar smile she ran across the yard when we were unloading the goats to bring because she wanted companionship. And she just smiled really big and that was just great."

The goats were pets, and treated like members of the family,

The Teasleys can't believe anyone is capable of doing this.

"Quite disturbing that there's someone out here snatching goats...keep an eye out, there are people out there that definitely want to take what you have," said John Teasley.

The Teasleys will be taking precautions to protect their remaining nine goats, and they're asking their neighbors to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

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