Where has Katharine the great white shark gone?

Last tracked Tuesday night

Is our visiting great white shark getting a little shy?


Katharine hasn't been heard from since Tuesday night when a satellite last tracked her east of Stuart.


Divers like Matt Siegel have taken many dives to spot sharks.


"Puts you in awe seeing them cruise around as peacefully as they are. They're really not as violent and aggressive as  people take them to be. But you have to be respectful," said Siegel.


At Stuart Scuba, owner Peter Friedman concurs.


"As a rule sharks eat fish. Divers do not look like fish. We are nearly as big as they are. So they don't see us as a food group," said Friedman.


Dive shops say sharks like Katharine can bring in big business. For example, a shark, a dead shark, is only worth a few hundred dollars in cat food. But live sharks like Katharine can bring in thousands of dollars in ecotourism.


Jeff Endriss has his plans for the weekend. He's going in search of Katharine.


"That's the beauty of diving, you're just in a whole other element. It's amazing to see how out of our element we are when we're down there," said Endriss.


The odds of bumping into Katharine offshore may be remote and there are no "Dangerous marine life" warnings at the beach on Hutchinson Island. But that doesn't mean local divers can't dream.

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