Martin County High School DUI crash simulation: Visual reminder of drinking and driving dangers

Man who spent 7 years in prison talks to kids

It was a gruesome scene.

A head on crash left a bloodied student sprawled out on the hood of a car and a teen driver, dressed for prom, unsteady on her feet.

It was only a mock DUI crash set up at the Martin County High School football field, but it felt real.

"So when you're thinking about drinking and getting behind the wheel or getting in the car with someone who has been drinking, that this mental image will flash in your brain," said Megan Koening, a student who helped organize the simulation.


Not only did the students get to see the dangers of drinking and driving first hand, they also heard a first hand account from a man who didn't graduate because of the decisions that he made.


In 2002, Stephen Bromstrup was a 16-year-old student at Martin County High. He had just gotten his driver's license and after drinking a few beers, got behind the wheel.


"It's always going to be something that I live with.  So if it's something I have to live with, I might as well use it to help other people," said Bromstrup.


Bromstrup ran a stop sign and crashed into another car, killing 13-year-old Alex Quaroni and 14-year-old Sarah Stone.  He pleaded no contest to two counts of vehicular homicide, and spent seven years in prison.


Bromstrup has spoken in public only a handful of times about what happened.


"It keeps it really fresh in my mind so it doesn't become routine for me and I think the kids see when the emotion comes out of more, it affects them that much more," said Bromstrup.


Powerful words to hopefully prevent prom tragedies.

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