Treasure Coast gymnasts dream of the Olympics

The gymnasts at the YMCA of the Treasure Coast practice hours every week to develop their skills -- on the mats, on the bars and on the beam.

Sergey Malakhov says to be a top contender, you have to have the drive.

"I see like right away, if somebody has a talent, and gonna' be a high-level gymnast," said Malakhov.

Olivia Sylbestro has been participating in gymnastics since she was three years old, and she says she identifies with the U.S. women's gymnastics team that took home a gold medal Tuesday.

"That is the ultimate goal, obviously, for everyone to be on the Olympic team, to be getting a gold medal, and to be part of something that your whole country is backing you up on," said Sylbestro. "I am sure that they are just on cloud nine right now."

Sylbestro said she would love to represent her country at the Olympics — but, in the meantime, she's satisfied to be classified as an elite gymnast.

"Going to the Olympics is something that's so special, that only five girls get to do every year, which is amazing. So, if you can be a part of that — that's unbelievable," said Sylbestro.

Malakhov said he hasn't come across anyone that has quite the skill level he believes is necessary to win the coveted gold, but he hasn't given up the hopes that the right gymnast could one day come through the ranks.

 "I didn't see anyone with the potential to be an Olympian yet," he said. "But we keep looking, keep looking!"

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