3 Broward County men arrested for string of gated community burglaries, Martin sheriff's office says

Three Broward County men were arrested in connection with a string of gated community burglaries taking place throughout the area.

With the help of information provided by Martin County detectives, including a photo of the BMW taken at a gated community burglarized last month, Deerfield police arrested 42-year-old Javier Espinosa, 33-year-old Maykel Torres and 35-year-old Michael Torres.

They were all charged with a burglary that took place in that city.

The trio would tailgate residents to gain access inside a gated community and target those who were not home at the time, according to police.  

The information shared between both agencies led their arrests, the Martin County Sheriff's Office says.

All three are being held in Broward County. One of the suspects has no bond and Javier Espinosa also has an immigration hold.

The investigation into additional burglaries continues.

Residents should continue to keep an eye out for unusual activity in their communities and call 9-1-1 to report any suspicious activity, the sheriff's office says.