Two Men Rescued from St. Lucie River, canoe capsized early Thursday morning

STUART, Fla. -   Early Thursday morning, Stuart Police rescued two men from the St. Lucie River. Officers say their canoe had capsized, and one of the men was tied to the water-logged boat. Both men did not suffer serious injuries.

  Just before 1 a.m. Thursday, Stuart Police received a call in reference to a man yelling for help in the St. Lucie River. Three officers drove to the area of Pelican Drive, between Stuart and Rio.

They say they spotted Joseph Connolly floating in the water, wearing a life vest. They say he was yelling for help. Connolly explained his legs were cramping, so he couldn't swim to shore.

Officer David Jacobson says he jumped in the river and pulled Connolly out safely. Connolly told officers he had a friend in the water, too. He said their canoe had capsized about three hours before.

Someone who lived nearby took officers Richard Serra and Andrew Pine on a boat to search for Connolly's friend, David Cosner. Soon, they heard Cosner calling for help. They report finding him tied to the canoe, which was almost submerged. Serra and Pine untied Cosner and pulled him onto the boat.

Stuart Fire Rescue paramedics examined both men, neither of which had serious injuries. Police drove them both home.

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