Treasure Coast residents upset by political DVD

STUART, Fla. - When Ron and Judy Cindrick received what was billed as "a must-watch DVD" in their mailbox, they decided to see what "Dreams from My Real Father" was all about.

Judy said what she saw shocked her.

"I was absolutely appalled when I began to watch this and they began to show pictures of Barack Obama's mother, his supposed mother, naked," she said.

Ron said watching the pseudo-documentary turns his stomach, and his vote. He believes the Obama conspiracy-type film has to be politically motivated.

"I am a registered Republican, and as of today, I will vote for Barack Obama after receiving this DVD," said Ron.

The film is produced by an independent filmmaker in California, who stands by his work as a legitimate documentary. But Judy questions what our country has come to, if this type of propaganda is what is being put out to win an election.

"To bring someone's mother and his personal history, and put together a fictitious, partially fictitious drama that's not even based on fact and send it to millions of Americans-- how could you be so vile?"

Neither the Romney nor the Obama campaigns have ever commented on the film.

The Orlando Sentinel reports the DVD is also being sent to residents in Central Florida. According to the Sentinel, Obama biographer David Maraniss, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, called the movie "preposterous." 

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