Stuart police step up patrols, investigate reported stalking in the Clarion Inn parking lot

A New Yorker on vacation reported the incident

STUART, Fla. - Officers with the Stuart Police Department said they've started stepping up patrols at local hotels and motels Wednesday, watching for something they don't usually see: stalking.

A woman afraid she was being stalked in the Clarion Inn parking lot at 1200 S. Federal Highway called SPD Wednesday afternoon.

Officers say a tourist from New York was sitting in her car when a man knocked on her window.
She told police she waited until he moved away, then she ran back to her hotel room. The woman says the man walked up, knocked on her motel door and said, "Housekeeping." She screamed, and the man fled.

Blurry security images of a man are now the focus of a city-wide investigation.

"We hope it doesn't happen again," said Stuart Police Sgt. Derek Ortado.

The possible stalker is described as 6-foot 2-inch tall black male, about 30-years-old, with a muscular build.
Police say he was wearing workout pants, a white tank top, a fedora and a bandana. They believe he fled in a green Ford Explorer.
"Someone, maybe if there's any other incidents, will be able to identify him or link him to this one," said Sgt. Ortado.
Police are urging residents and visitors to remain aware of their surroundings.

"We've been having extra patrols in all the hotel parking lots and especially the one where the incident took place," Sgt. Ortado said.

Officers want everyone to be extra cautious right now and report anything suspicious to police. The number to call in Stuart is 772-287-1122.

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