Stuart police investigating car burglaries

Break-ins at LA Fitness

Stuart, Fla. - Investigators say the LA Fitness in Stuart ,which is a place where people come to work up a sweat, is now a place where they are working overtime.

"We've added extra patrols in the day and night," says Stuart Police Officer Mike Pope.

Police are trying to find out who is behind a handful of car break-ins that have happened in just two weeks.

It's happening at all hours, regardless of where people are parked and no matter how many people are around.
"A guy said he saw it all happen," explains victim Teresa Lane.

Gym member Teresa Lane says her car was the latest target. She is now without a purse filled with cash, a cell phone and glasses.

"I totaled it all up and it's about $800 that I am out," says Lane.

She says gym managers told her they assume no responsibility for what happens in the parking lot and that was in the gym contract she signed.

"It is just terrible your stuff isn't safe anywhere," adds Lane. "It just seems like a real low crime area, I am shocked really," explains another gym member.

Police warn the public time and time again to hide valuables or bring them inside and lock your car even if you are just at the gym.

Officials at LA Fitness say they have no comment, but they did post crime alert flyers on the gym's front doors


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