Stuart Police investigate six burglaries in one night

STUART, Fla. --  Stuart Police are investigating a handful of burglaries that happened early Monday morning throughout the city.

Police are now looking into whether or not break-ins at two businesses and into four cars are related.

Ink Addiction Tattoo near U.S-1 and Palm City Drive and Spoto's Oyster Bar were the two businesses targeted.

At Ink Addiction Tattoo, the thief or thieves tried taking nearly $2500 worth of ink, laptops and tattoo equipment. When an alarm sounded, owner Tom Meyer believes the thief panicked, dropping all of the items in the store.

Though nothing was taken, Meyer was left with a $300 window repair bill.

"$300 could have bought some more inks and some more needles and stuff like that just to do our jobs," Meyer said.

Thieves tried to break into 2 safes at Spoto's, but only got away with an iPad.

Two cars were broken into at the YMCA on Monterey Rd.

Two other cars were broken into on SE St. Lucie Boulevard and on SW Dixie Highway.

Purses, wallets and ID's were stolen from the vehicles.

 "It's offensive, you know. You work so hard to build a business up and someone takes advantage of that," said Meyer.

Brian Bossio, with the Stuart Police Department, says this many break ins in one morning is rare.

"It's shocking because in the city of Stuart, we have burglaries, but not quite so many in one evening," Bossio said.

While there was no pattern to the break-ins, one trend was that several of the locations do have have surveillance video.

Police are actively looking at surveillance.

Anyone with any information on the burglaries is asked to call Stuart Police.

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