Envision Product Development, Stuart company, transforms invention ideas into reality

Martin County farmer Lee Jones had an idea that he knew could be big.


"You have to believe in your product. I mean, that's the first step," he said. 


Three years ago, Jones planted a seed at Envision Product Development , on Indian Street in Stuart.


President David Carson listens to invention ideas. If viable, the entrepreneur gets a patent and raises capital. 


Then, engineers and scientists start drafting, 3D modeling, building, "branding, and the marketing, and e-commerce website creation and business strategies. So we birth companies," said Carson.


It took three years to get the soil right, but what blossomed for Jones was H2grOw . It's a bagged garden that cropped up three months ago.


"Have you been successful so far?" I asked Jones. "Well, we're in 15 stores, so it's growing rapidly. It's exciting," he  beamed.


Envision's products range from a $150,000 medical device to underwater sporting equipment.


"Seeing ideas continually coming to life … it's just magical," said Carson. 


He says at a time when the economy is tough, Envision's entrepreneurial spirit gives people hope. 


"Everybody owes it to themselves to embrace their dreams, not let themselves down and get frustrated and give up on your dreams, because they come true every day," said Carson. 


That philosophy certainly worked for Jones.


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