Sen. Rubio visits Stuart to discuss toxic water

He came, he saw, now what?  That's the question for people on the Treasure Coast.

On Friday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio came to Stuart to hear about last year's toxic water issues and the fear it could happen again.  Rubio admits he should have come sooner.

Shortly after he arrived, people huddled around the Rubio as he looked at numbers and pictures of the lasting effects of toxic water.  Mark Perry, head of the Florida Oceanographic Society, described how discharges from Lake Okeechobee caused problems.  Last year's discharges created toxic water killing fish and seagrass.  It also hurt local businesses and made some people sick.  
"I think he's listening," says Perry.
For an hour, local officials and environmentalists detailed the damage. They blame on the Army Corps of Engineers which controls the water releases.  Sen. Rubio talked about one possible solution.
"Proposing some legislation at the federal level that would give the state some oversight over these issues," says Sen. Rubio.
Some people say his visit is long overdue.
"Too little, too late," says resident Stan Buis, "It seems awfully odd with an election year coming up."
Rubio blames a busy schedule.
"One of the biggest challenges I've had in the three years I've been here is trying to get through a state that's enormous," says Rubio.
He vowed to take action. People here hope he keeps his word.
"Say anything you want to say," says local business owner Irene Gomes, "It's what you do."
"Talk is cheap," says resident Don Voss, "We wanna see him walk the walk."