Sailfish Splash to employ more than 100 students

For most, Sailfish Splash is purely about play. For a few, it's work.

Sailfish Splash will employ 136 workers this summer.

The water park mostly employs local students, like Bianca Ardizzone.

The Martin County High School sophomore says she enjoys her work, and beyond that, it could even jump start her career "with the water and with the county, and maybe I'll just be able to stay here for a while."

Even though the new summer jobs arguably boost the local economy, there's still opposition to the park's presence. Civic activist Jackie Trancynger says the tax dollars should have been spent elsewhere.

"I still think it's an expensive day for a family of four," said Trancynger. "I don't think Martin County should be in the business of venues."

Trancynger says it also bothers her that  county commissioners projected the park would likely operate in the red, but Martin County Park and Recreation officials say the park is off to a great start.

"We've already made over a third of our operating budget, and we've only been open two weeks," said Craig Anderson, who markets the parks and recreation department. "I would bet that we're going to be running in the black long before we actually reach the end of the fiscal year."   

And more than 100 students can't complain about having a summer job at a water park.

There are still open positions at Sailfish Splash.

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