President Obama can woo First Lady in downtown Stuart, if the two have a romantic getaway

DOWNTOWN STUART, Fla. - When President Barack Obama comes to the Treasure Coast, he'll have many entertainment options in downtown Stuart hotspots.

If First Lady Michelle Obama joins him, it could be a romantic getaway for the two, the weekend after Valentine's Day.

After a refreshing night's sleep at the exclusive Floridian, President Obama could take First Lady Michelle Obama out for a romantic night on the town.

It could start with waterfront dining at Pelican Cafe, with a view fit for a king-- or a President.

Dessert and after-dinner drinks could be an affair just for two at the Blue Door.

"We have a little alcove that's very private, and we could make sure they have a little bit of privacy and a bit of romance as well," said Kathryn Heathcock, the Blue Door owner.

If the First Lady would like some shopping, there's a perfect spot for a patient man at Go Fish Boutique.

"We actually call (it) the husband bench, or the man chair," said owner Judy Farley. "President Obama could sit there while Mrs. Obama is in the dressing room."

If the pair would like to purchase fine art, they could stop by the Osceola 32 gallery and meet artist Michael Penn.

"You know they have six degrees of separation?" Penn asked. "I'm, like, one degree separated from the President from many friends."

Penn said he once waited all day to catch a glimpse of President Obama's motorcade.

"We were all waiting so long, and he was late. We were like, where's the President?"

Penn says he's thrilled to think the man he's admired from afar, and even painted, could come in person.

"I think I would feel very proud, and quite happy," said Penn. "The first time I see him, I don't know how stable I'll be, because I'll be so nervous."






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