Prentice Tillman: Local waiter serving up more than just food

STUART, Fla. - Prentice stays busy as a server at the Allegro Senior Living Center in Stuart. 

He enjoys what he does.

"I'm the kind of person I love to help people in time of need. When I'm serving, I like to make people's day as well. It makes my day to make someone else's day…I get so happy, " said Prentice.

And he's very loved by the residents.

"If you were going to manufacture the perfect waiter, really…he would fall under that category, " said Mary Mullins, a resident at Allegro Senior Living Center. 

Besides being their favorite server, Prentice dishes up more than just food.

It all started when Prentice's manager put him on the spot at a cocktail party for the residents.

"One night there he was…and he performed and we were like, unbelievable! We have this in our midst? We just love it and look forward to it every week," said a resident.

Prentice grew up in a musical family, singing gospel in the church.

"I've been singing basically my whole life, in the church and I've also done high school talent shows as well," said Prentice.

Now he's ready for the big time. He has an audition with America's got talent on NBC this weekend in Miami.

"I gotta do this, so I'm excited…I'm nervous, but excited. I feel very confident in what I'm doing," said Prentice.

"He's got a lot of grandmas and grandpas here rooting for him and saying a little prayer on the side. We're just hoping for the best, " said a resident.

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