Original prosecutor in Parsons case said he couldn't 'ethically' move forward with charges

Steven Levin is now a Chief judge

STUART, Fla. - NewsChannel 5 spoke with the original prosecutor who was in charge of making the case against Claude Davis back in 1993 in the Parsons disappearance.

Then prosecutor Steven Levin is now a Chief Judge in the area.

Levin wouldn't respond to why he wasn't able to move forward with charges, stating he was worried he could jeopardize the current investigation.

" I was one of the prosecutors on the case and after the arrest was made of Mr. Davis, the law requires he has to be prosecuted within 175 days of the arrest and ethically, we could not go forward because of insufficient evidence, so it was dismissed by the court.  It wasn't out of the ordinary for something like that to happen," Levin said.

NewsChannel 5 has also learned it wasn't the State Attorney's Office that arrested Davis back in November of 1993, but the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

Court records show Levin was able to help prosecute Davis in a different case a year later in 1994.  Davis was charged in a child molestation case and sentenced to ten years probation.  Court documents also show Davis broke his probation by contacting the victim in the case, and  was later sentenced to nine years behind bars.

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