Andrea Parsons suspect speaks out about witnessing child's death, another man's recent arrest

Named in indictment, Claude Davis can't be charged

STUART, Fla. -- - Claude Davis said he witnessed the murder of 10-year-old Andrea Parson in Martin County nearly two decades ago.

Police have long believed he was directly involved in her death. But Davis will never be tried again in connection with the Parsons case, so he is speaking out now.

Davis said he heard about his former friend Chester Price being arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping.

"In a way I felt like there was a boulder taken off my shoulders," said Davis.

At 76-years-old, the convicted child molester is also named in the indictment alongside Price. Detectives said Davis worked side-by-side with Price to abduct and kill the little girl.

"Looks like to me that they want to bury me too. Here I am trying to help them in a way and they want to bury me with him," said Davis.

Davis is working with the Martin County Sheriff's Office and the state attorney. His story over the years has changed multiple times.

"I know I played cat and mouse with him before but this time I wasn't playing cat and mouse," said Davis.

Investigators would not comment about what Davis has said to them recently, but said he is cooperating with them.

"I tried to clear it up, I tried to have them find her, get this over with," said Davis.

It is testimony that might have lead to Price's arrest.

"I believe what I said on the grand jury had a lot to do with it and I'm not sure if they didn't believe me either. They're thinking that I'm a pathetic liar," said Davis.

Davis said this time around he is telling the truth.

"This time it's a fact. I'm not lying to you," said Davis.

This time Davis also knows he cannot be charged in the Parsons case.

"In a way it's good because I feel that I wasn't working with (Chester) Wayne Price. If I was, do you think I'd come forward and try to get this settled once and for all?" questioned Davis.

The state attorney said he cannot arrest Davis because authorities arrested him prematurely and did not have enough on Davis for trial.

"Yeah I know because of all the stuff that was out there the first time. They already wanted to kill me. When I was in jail they were putting up signs on (inaudible) road 'Kill Claude Davis," make him talk. There's always going to be somebody that thinks I did it," said Davis.

Davis walked on the charges but still could take the stand against the man he once called a friend.

"He can get very, very violent or he can be a real nice person. Facing that man is punishment enough," Davis said.

"I'm going to be suffering as it is because everyone here is going to see me and know all about this. How do you think I'm going to be treated. Really do you? Do you think that I'm going to be treated, there's already one woman at church that won't talk to me," he added.

The 76-year-old said he does not like the idea of heading back to court and questions the strength of the case.

"What do they have for evidence? I wished they'd found her body, yes," said Davis.

At his age, Davis said he will do anything now to get the truth out, to put Price away, to put Andrea's family to rest.

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