Police release new details in Stuart locker room camera case

Cell phone was used as recording device

STUART, Fla. - Stuart detectives plan to interview the dozen or so girls who make up the sixth grade at The Pine School as part of their investigation into who hid a cell phone in the ceiling of the girls' locker room.

Police say that when the girls discovered the phone late Monday afternoon, they turned it over to a school maintenance worker. But when they later asked the school principal if he had received it, he said he hadn't.  

The principal found the maintenance worker, took the phone and escorted him off campus. The maintenance worker was placed on administrative leave for not immediately notifying administrators about the phone discovery.

Police have made no arrests in this case and have yet to verify the identity of the phone's owner.

It's not known if anything was recorded on the phone, or how long the phone was hidden.

The K-6 private school is located in East Stuart.

The interim Head of School sent out another letter to parents Wednesday calling this an 'unfortunate but isolated incident.'

In the letter she said that all potential employees undergo fingerprinting at the Martin County Sheriff's Office as well as official background and reference checks.  

A counselor has been on campus and there is additional security this week as an added precaution.  

Homecoming events will go on as scheduled this weekend.

School officials don't plan to make any changes to the existing cell phone policy. Students can have them in their possession but can't use them on campus during the day.

NewsChannel 5 has learned the name of the maintenance worker who was escorted off campus, but he has not been charged in connection with this case, yet.

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