Marwan Porter: Stuart-based attorney representing Ferguson, Missouri shooting victim

Mya Aaten-White shot in the forehead

STUART, Fla. - A Stuart-based attorney is representing a woman who was shot during a protest in Ferguson, Mo., last week.

Marwan Porter says he was called by one of his contacts to represent 24-year-old Mya Aaten-White.

Porter says White was shot during a protest last week, but will survive.

"There were shots that were fired and unfortunately for her, she was shot right in the middle of the forehead," Porter said.

Porter flew to Ferguson on Sunday to meet with White and returned to Stuart Thursday night.

During his five-day trip, Porter witnessed the tensions and frustrations in the city first-hand.

"It's very, very real being out there. The media is there, the community is there," he described.

Protestors lined the streets night-after-night, outraged after an unarmed black teenager, 18-year-old Michael Brown, was shot and killed by a white police officer.

White was shot just days after the protests began. No one knows who fired the shot.

Porter says police are not acknowledging that she was shot and that they have not interviewed her.

Porter says police deny any record of the shooting, but says they did take the bullet that struck White for evidence.

"We're not blaming the police. But, there's a disconnect," Porter said.

Porter said his case is only one of the many factors fueling the frustrations in Ferguson.

"It was chaos. It was pandemonium," said Porter.

He hopes he can help find answers.

"I'm happy to be a resident of Martin County and happy to represent Martin County in something that I think is going to go down in history," Porter said.

Porter says he has not booked his next trip to Ferguson but hopes to return on a monthly basis.

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