Martin County firefighters build bikes with United Way to benefit local kids

STUART, Fla. - Martin County firefighters played Santa's helpers Saturday morning, putting together several dozen bikes for Christmas.

Crew members screwed on handle bars and twisted knobs on pedals, assembling 70 bikes to give to children this holiday season.

Lt. John Davidson, President of the Martin County Fire Fighters Association said, "It's Christmas time and it's for the kids."

David Goshien brought his son Brandon, to help.

"People were nice enough to donate the bikes so it's only fair that we provide the man power and what better way to pass it on and bring your kid," said Goshien.

Martin County Fire Rescue paired with United Way white Doves and Toys for Tots for the second year in a row to help more than 1,200 families.

"We don't want for anything," said Goshien on Brandon giving back. "And so it's a good opportunity for him to provide for somebody else that might not be capable of providing for themselves."

Families working with the organization will be able to take their kids to the fair grounds to get their bikes in several weeks.

They'll  work with a volunteer shopper, who will go through the list of children. Afterwards they'll get to take the toys off the tables that are set up.

Justin Beard, with White Doves said, "Every family has a back story and you really hear some sad stories when you work on this project.  But the great thing about this project is the community comes together, whether it's the firemen or local business volunteers, I mean there's so many people that come together."

If you'd like to donate a bicycle, contact the United Way.

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