Martin County fire rescue, Hazmat crews investigated 'unknown substance' at Hobe Sound mobile home

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - Homeowner Terry Cummings says she "wanted to play it safe," so she called 9-1-1 about a possible gas leak.

"Two nights ago, I noticed the burner was on a little bit, so I thought maybe there was a gas leak. I turned it off and thought it would be all right, I didn't smell anything. My daughter said, let's call, so I said, go ahead."

Cummings said her daughter has been sick lately, and she herself has been nauseated every day after work, so that led to her being extra cautious about possible gas. Now, she speculates it has been her new antibiotics that have been making her feel sick.

Her daughter called authorities this afternoon and they responded quickly. Martin County fire rescue crews and Hazmat crews arrived and tested the area for any toxic substances, but found none.

Martin County Fire Battalion Chief Matt Fenex said, "We had crews enter with gas monitoring devices, but nothing was found. It was clear."

He says the resident behaved correctly by notifying authorities. "We have a hazardous materials team who responds to incidents like this. They're trained and we let them do their jobs. Once they give the all clear, we let the residents know that everything is good," said Fenex.

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