Lescelles Russell, death of Quest Diagnostics courier, still a mystery one year later

STUART, Fla. - It is quiet in Lola Russell's apartment. A far cry from when her son Lascelles lived with her.

"He loved playing the guitar. Every night you would hear him in his room playing," she said.

Lascelles's gift was silenced forever on a Friday night last October. He worked as a lab courier for Quest Diagnostics, and had returned to the office on Ocean Blvd in Stuart after a delivery.

The following morning, he was found shot to death inside his car. Lola was waiting for their weekly shopping outing. "That Saturday morning, I was dressed and ready. I didn't even know he didn't come home."

Lascelles's brother Colin Hazzard spoke by phone from Orlando. He said the two talked several times a day, and were close not just in age, but in spirit. "I have other brothers, but that's my closest brother you know. We grew up together and were inseparable you know."

Stuart detectives say they interviewed lots of people... but no new tips have come in for months, and the case has gone cold.

"He was so well liked in the community and in his family," said Stuart Police Detective Nick Briglia.

Detective Briglia says Russell was not a robbery victim. His jewelry, car keys, and cash were all still in his possession.

His mother said, "I must see that person who killed my son. I'm praying every day. I will not give up."

Lola Russell says Lascelles was her hands and feet, because he took her wherever she wanted to go.

She's confident in her heart, that the killer will be found. 

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