Helping People Succeed in Stuart expands to provide career counseling for those on autism spectrum

STUART, Fla - The growing demand for services for those on the autism spectrum has resulted in the creation of a new program on the Treasure Coast. 

At the Helping People Succeed office in Stuart they're helping a group of 15 to 19 year olds with career counseling services.

"It's really a great area for need for kids to learn about transitioning out of high school into adult life," said Beverly Christofori, the assistant director for behavioral services at Helping People Succeed.

For 30 years they've been  providing career counseling.  This is the first time they're doing it for those on the spectrum.

"Young adults are calling, ' What do you have? I graduated from high school I'm kind of isolated now, I'm looking for a job,'" said Christofori.

With these students, it's not just job skills they're developing.  They also need to acquire social skills to navigate through the work place or college classes.

"I want to learn how to understand peoples way of body language and learn how they react to things that I say or that they say," said 19-year-old Joel Leon.

One of the purposes of these sessions is to have the students understand the problem, and teach them  how to address it.

"Many times recognizing social cues in the environment, understanding social languages, being able to communicate that task is going to be difficult for me, how can we modify it," said Christofori.

For many of them, the line of work that interests them is information technology.

"I find computers interesting. I have a strong interest in them and I want to make some computer games," said 16-year-old Matthew Jundzil.

Whatever the field, the job here is to help the teenagers find their way. 

Helping People Succeed is located at 1100 SE Federal Highway, Stuart, Fl. 34994.  Their phone number is: 772-320-0770.