GR8 Water: Treasure Coast company makes water out of air

STUART, Fla. - A half-million people in Toledo, Ohio went without drinking water for days due to toxins in Lake Erie.  In South Florida, there are occasional boil water advisories and problems with running water during hurricanes.  A business on the Treasure Coast is being tapped by countries and communities worldwide to combat water problems and pull water out of air.

GR8 Water designs and sells machines that are what CEO Scott Tudor would call, “dehumidifiers on steroids.”  They use heat and moisture to pool water then purify it for drinking.

“It’s almost like distilled water, there’s no vitamins, there’s no minerals in it, there’s no fluoride, there’s no chemicals, there’s no chlorine.  It’s 99.9% pure,” Tudor said.

He says the machines are now in countries around the world. 

“We have machines in Mexico and some of the schools down there, and also believe it or not, in a prison environment.”

The machines are used in residential, commercial, and emergency community situations. 

“We have machines in Chile, South Pacific, Guam, and we have some machines now going pretty soon to Ghana,” Tudor explained.

A medium-sized model creates about 800 gallons of drinkable water a day.  It’s enough to offer drinking water for a small village of about 1,000 people.

The smallest version resembles a water cooler one might expect to see in a business lobby.  It purifies about 7 gallons of water a day.  With electricity, water is about 26 cents a gallon.  The machines are capable of running off a generator, which may be beneficial during hurricanes, according to Tudor.


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