Gas prices drop just in time for Independence Day road trips

STUART, Fla. - South Florida drivers won't feel too much pain at the pump when they fill their tanks for those Independence Day road trips. That's because the state's gas prices are getting closer to the $3/gallon mark.

According to AAA, the Florida gas average is $3.18. But in one Treasure Coast city, drivers have found a steal of a deal.

Atavias Banks, a Vero Beach resident, has been price-checking to see where to go to fill her tank for less.

"Yeah, I'm trying to do like everybody else, and go where the gas is cheaper," she said.

When she saw the sign for $2.98 gas at the Texaco off 20th street in Vero Beach, she immediately pulled over, but a slight catch-- got her. The less-than-$3price is for cash-only, or Texaco card customers.

"I don't live close by, so I have to travel a little bit to get here," said Banks. "But then you think about some of these other ones says, they're on the beach side, they're looking for cheaper gas, and then they have to drive way over here. Then you're spending more gas getting over here to get the cheaper gas."

If you pay with a credit or debit card, it will cost you $3.05. Competitor gas stations just down the road advertise $3.04 per gallon. Either way, these prices are still much lower than the state average.

Emilly Holt has been working at the Texaco for almost a year, and she says she's never seen this many customers, coming in to take advantage of these seemingly record-low costs.

"We're busy constantly, all day, with gas and everything," said Holt. "People just are amazed at how gas is below $3.00."

With summer travel at a peak during July, Banks is just hoping to see this trend continue.

"Just hope it stays that way. Just hope everybody else can follow the same trend that they're doing," said Banks.

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