Florida NOT All Aboard: Stuart residents rally at Flagler Park

STUART, Fla. - Janet Raycraft, holds her sign high, along with hundreds of other Treasure Coast residents rallying against All Aboard Florida.

"Just the freight trains cause a lot of interruption in traffic, but 32 more passings a day ," said Raycraft.

Raycraft said the train that would commute from Miami to Orlando, with stops in Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, would run just a few hundred yards near her Fort Pierce home.

"I'm concerned about the traffic, the noise, the safety issues of the miles and miles, up and down the sea coast of unprotected tracks," said Raycraft.

Raycraft and her husband wrote letters to U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy regarding the high-speed train system and watched him speak to concerned residents at Flagler Park.

Murphy said the train could tie up traffic for cars and boats for at least 30 to 45 minutes every hour.

Murphy is hoping All Aboard Florida will consider another alternative.

Murphy said, "We're trying to work with All Aboard Florida, to urge them to at least have a conversation with CSX to see if there's some sort of profit share, some way that they can move that rail west."

Organizers with "Florida NOT All Aboard" so far, have more than 11,000 signatures on a petition. They're hoping to have 100,000 signatures by the summer.

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